Blanket warning for the entire series: cursing; offscreen violence; thematic material involving: non-graphic sexuality (mostly LGBT, some hetero), legal and illegal drugs, religious and occult themes, and personal dysfunction; nonexplicit discussion of potentially triggery material; protagonists who are neither particularly moral nor particularly intelligent; culturally inaccurate theme naming; disregard for human life; blatant ripping-off and alteration of pre-existing fictional premises; the occasional bit of thinly veiled authorial ranting; a severely imbalanced gender ratio; Author Appeal; TVTropes jargon; vegetarians.

If individual stories contain on-screen sex, graphic violence, detailed discussion of rape or child abuse, et cetera, I will warn for that in the individual entries.

Touring: Eastern Washington
Musa sees what you did there
Characters: the band, DOCTOR LOVE, Angie the roadie
Length: c. 2300 words
Universe: canon
Warnings: nothing worse than usual, except for CAPSLOCK.
Notes: Violet is confusing "intersectionality" with "intersexuality." Intersectionality is actually an idea from feminist theory about how different identity categories and different sorts of oppression overlap, and has little to do with street design.
I tried to integrate more action and description into this one instead of having just another five or so pages of disembodied banter.
Musa actually gets to show off the non-substance-abusing sides of her character this time, yay!
DOCTOR LOVE actually originated in a one-shot writing exercise several months ago, but this is his first appearance in anything posted online or longer than a page or so.
Lilja's Swedish in the first line is supposed to roughly translate as "piss for brains idiot." My apologies for any bad grammar and dubious slang.
"Heretics of Doom" is a reference to Frank Herbert's novel Heretics of Dune, as well as the Doom series of first person shooters.

Nothing this close to the Canadian border should get this hotCollapse )

Writing Exercise: "Crosses the Line Twice"
Written for a writer's group prompt.
Warnings: discussions of rape and sexualized violence (in the abstract, not happening to anyone in particular), tastelessness.

Zombie nuns, among other thingsCollapse )

"The Internet is Serious Business"
Characters: Yanang, Violet, Musa
Length: approximately 1800 words
Universe: Canon
Warnings: discussion of mental illness, if that's an issue.
Notes: "Hottest Butches" lists do exist online in real life, and Rachel Maddow made #1 on one of them.

Rachel Maddow is seriously hindering my attempts at becoming popular on the internet!Collapse )

100 Sentences About Violet Aciano
I have a green belt in Canadian Politeness JudoCollapse )

100 Sentences About Yanang Bai
Warnings: references to isms of various sorts and Yanang being a troll, in-character stereotyping, more insults to AXE wearers.

You don't have to be a man to be manlyCollapse )

100 Sentences About Lilja Lakebetonika
lilja neutral
I'll probably redo Musa, Val, and Violet's after I put the guitarists' up, since it's been several months and their characterization may have changed a bit.
Warnings: discussion of eating disorders and medical stuff, may be offensive to AXE wearers.

Make way for the princessCollapse )

(no subject)
Three Books On the Girls' BookshelvesCollapse )

Three Non-Metal Musicians in the Girls' CollectionsCollapse )

Yanang and Lilja-food
For the "Red Oni, Blue Oni" writing prompt.

Warnings: a little cursing, dubious food, and cultural posturing.
How can you eat that?Collapse )

Dumb little Yanang -and-Lilja thing
Written for the prompt "Super Drowning Skills": Lilja and Yanang hanging out at the river. No warnings.

"What's the matter, Blondie? I thought Scandinavians liked cold water."

"You are one to talk."

"I have an excuse. My ancestors came from tropical Asia and I grew up in Southern California."

"Ja, well, I have an excuse too. No insulation!"

"Yeah, you are kind of a skinny bitch. I can't imagine that's good for buoyancy."

"It is not. I had to repeat swimming when I was in school because it took me twice as long as most of the other children to learn to float."

"Damn. Well, at least you did learn, didn't you? I couldn't just throw you in a fjord now if I wanted to be the lead guitarist?"

"Pfft. I would like to see you try."

"Hey, look, a raven!"

"You little - Idiot! Har du piss i huvudet, eller? Vad fan har du gjort? This place is full of rocks! What if I had broken my neck?! What if you had broken your neck?! And why are you clinging to my shoulders like the world's largest and most annoying baby koala?"

"I'm going to assume that the first two were rhetorical questions, and as for the third... the water was deeper than I thought it would be and you're eight inches taller than I am."


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